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The Mouth of the Amazon River

07/24/2012, 8:20 PM by Lollie Garay
The Milky Brown mouth of the Amazon River<br/><br/>Credit: Jason Landrum
The Milky Brown mouth of the Amazon River
Photo Credit: Jason Landrum

15:27 GMT  


1° 20' N, 49° 22' W

 Great news from Chief Tish today!

 “We made it to the river mouth this morning at dawn!   As we arrived, there was an absolutely beautiful sunrise over milky pink water.  Our sensors tell us that we made it to the zero-salinity water as we position ourselves in ~10 m depth.  The captain and crew of the ship have really done an outstanding job to get us here.”

 “About half-way through the station right now, everyone is busy trying to deal with all the suspended material in the water.  The serious blue-water folks among us are clearly stunned by the prospect!  We will all learn something new from this station, I think. “ 

 “We keep looking across the water toward Macapa - thinking about our river team who should be sampling there today. “

 “And yes.... I collected my much-coveted DIC, ALK, and pCO2 samples as a function of salinity as we steamed into the mouth across the salinity gradient.... all the way to zero.   I must wait to run the DIC/ALKs back home, but the pCO2 flipped from under -saturated to oversaturated right before my eyes yesterday as we steamed across the Brazil shelf. WOW!  “

 “BTW, "Happy Birthday" to Debbie Steinberg.  I'm thinking that she will remember this one! Cheers to all, Tish!  “

 Jeff Richey, with the RioRoca team responds:

 “… and the RioROCA team is doing the Macapa North ADCP transect (13 hours, repeat transects over tidal cycle), even as we speak. MacN chem tomorrow, (then drive around to Macapa South channel, and so on….)  Boa Viagem para tudos!”

 Victoria Coles, onboard the Atlantis adds: “We've been doing ADCP across the mouth as well as sampling of course, but, alas, it's been a challenge since the bottom is usually around 10-12 m and our ADCP starts at 11. We are seeing a nice strong tidal signal. It’s a remarkable sight... caffe latte as far as the eye can see, and my CTD doesn't want to turn on properly as the salinity is so low. “

 “Many thanks to Team Richey and Krusche as well as Carlos and Rodrigo and Fabiano who were so instrumental in getting our permissions! We will be tired and happy when we leave station tonight at midnight!”

 There’s a lot of happy marine scientists at the mouth of the Amazon River today!!





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  • Do the bacteria in the water make us sick?

    Only a few of them.  Bacteria are in every habitat on Earth, growing in soil, hot springs, radioactive waste, water, as well as in organic matter and the live bodies of plants and animals. Bacteria recycle nutrients, with many steps in nutrient cycles depending on these organisms, such as nitrogen fixation.

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