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The ANACONDAS Team is Steaming Home!

10/07/2011, 7:40 PM by Lollie Garay
The Mighty Melville<br/><br/>Credit: Michael Oliveri
The Mighty Melville
Photo Credit: Michael Oliveri


As of 19:05 GMT time

LAT 12.118 LONG -57.149

After a month at sea, chasing the elusive DDAs, the ANACONDAS team is heading for an early morning (08:00) port call in Barbados! They finished up the last station last night and are no doubt in the process of packing up the labs and the precious samples they’ve acquired.

 Chief Tish put together a series of cruise track maps to give us a sense of what’s been accomplished. She writes:

 “… Note that the plume was extremely dynamic this month and that any single ocean color image (as chosen below from mid-cruise) or even the climatology (second set below) doesn’t really tell the whole story.  We will spend some time once we get home trying to characterize the stations for everyone. “ 

 “Congratulations to all participants for such an extraordinary scientific accomplishment.”

 This cruise ends with the puzzle of the plume still missing pieces. But the new pieces found give the big picture of an intriguing, dynamic system with so much more left to explore!

 Look for a final summary from Chief Tish once she gets her land legs back!  Kudos to the science teams and the crew of the Melville, as well as Michael Oliveri  for all the great photos he provided - safe and happy returns home!

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