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MOCNESS Goes Under

06/12/2010, 2:01 PM by Patricia Yager
The MOCNESS is ready to deploy.<br/><br/>Credit: lollie garay
The MOCNESS is ready to deploy.
Photo Credit: lollie garay

June 12

Lat/Long: 10.0N 049.58W

Air Temp: 27.6C 81.68F

Surface Temp: 28.97C 84.15F

Salinity: 34.71psu


Over the next week or so I'll be posting short videos on the science, technology, and operations that are part of the ANACONDA expedition. I've written about many of the operations that are conducted daily in earlier blog posts. Now you can see what it looks like!


Featured today is the deployment of the MOCNESS plankton net.Fully extended, it measures about 7 meters long!



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Question of the Day

  • Do the bacteria in the water make us sick?

    Only a few of them.  Bacteria are in every habitat on Earth, growing in soil, hot springs, radioactive waste, water, as well as in organic matter and the live bodies of plants and animals. Bacteria recycle nutrients, with many steps in nutrient cycles depending on these organisms, such as nitrogen fixation.