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Shrunken Head from the Deep

06/11/2010, 11:24 AM by Lollie Garay
Troy decorates cups for his nephews.<br/><br/>Credit: lollie garay
Troy decorates cups for his nephews.
Photo Credit: lollie garay

June 11

Lat /Long: 09.53N 050.02.9W

Air Temp: 27.2C 80.9F

Surface Temp: 28.8C 83.9F

Salinity: 34.65psu


Shrunken Head from the Deep!


Last night the lab and mess were filled by people busily decorating foam cups with magic markers in a rainbow of colors. Each cup took on the persona of the artist working on it. Some had school or team colors, others had ocean themes or fancy geometric designs. Still others chose very personal themes for loved ones back home.

There was also a “Head” decorated as a team effort. No matter the design, everyone really got into it!


Why the coloring frenzy??? The CTD was going down this morning about 2AM to the deepest depth yet - 4240m to be exact. So we sent down two mesh bags full of decorated cups (and the Head) attached to it. The pressure at that depth compresses the cups and because they are not elastic, they retain the compressed shape!


Check out the artwork in the pictures!





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