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Life at Sea (Pt. 3)

06/07/2010, 1:28 PM by Brian Zielinski
Jason tried to catch me off-guard in this photo. Not gonna happen!<br/><br/>Credit: Jason Landrum
Jason tried to catch me off-guard in this photo. Not gonna happen!
Photo Credit: Jason Landrum

What has been the best dinner so far onboard? Apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  Ok, maybe I ate some meat or something during that meal too, but in my mind it solely consisted of Apple pie and ice cream. Right before dinner, after my daily run (up to 51.6 miles on the treadmill), I do yoga on deck. Try doing the Happy Baby or Half Moon poses on a rolling boat… makes it a lot trickier. Anything but downward dog is tough, even in 2ft seas. At night I very much enjoy going outside to a place where nobody is around and singing to my iPod at the top of my lungs. Hope they can’t hear me in the bridge, I’m not sure if they like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” as much as I do. How can you resist playing air-fiddle? You can’t! I can also imagine how hilarious it must sound when I try to sing like AC-DC. Another nighttime activity I’m optimistic enough to try… taking pictures of the stars. Epic WIN! Have you ever tried it? You basically get a nice picture of black. So it totally did not turn out how I expected it to look (all black), but somehow I got a picture of the entire Southern Cross giving me the “shaka brah”. (google that and compare it to the photo!)

We now have an onboard mascot, a little puffer fish (about 1cm long) that Debbie collected in one of her plankton tows. He has been alive for 1 week without food! I named him “Matador”. Our idea of Friday night fun this week was an outside barbeque. We had free soda and three of us guys wore collared shirts! And yes, next time we have a BBQ I will bring Matador along, he is my new buddy. Finally they totally teased us on Saturday… I saw land (first time in 14 days). Not just land, but a big mountain. Then what did we do? Yep, turned around and two hours later it was gone. Maybe I was just hallucinating, although if I was, I’d rather see mermaids.  Thus is life at sea.

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