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Last Day at Sea

06/23/2010, 9:49 PM by Lollie Garay
What's in this box??<br/><br/>Credit: lollie garay
What's in this box??
Photo Credit: lollie garay

June 23

Lat/Long: 12.51N 058.14.61W

Air Temp: 26C 79F

Surface Temp:29.5C 85F

Salinity: 31.84 psu


Last Day at Sea!


The day dawned with a single purpose: PACK! The boxes in the van were unloaded (remember those at the beginning of the voyage?) and all teams began the incredible job of packing every single sample, piece of equipment , and supplies that were left.

It was difficult moving through the main lab as everyone sorted and hauled crates and boxes everywhere. Outside was worse as the decks piled up with more boxes and crates.


It’s evening now and sore backs are beginning to rest. The fast pace of the day has slowed, not because we’re through, but because we have reached the saturation point :) Tomorrow will be another day in the heat as we move everything outside that’s still in.


On the upside: We’ll be in Barbados around dawn!


I still have a couple of posts coming after we make port, including a wrap-up of the science, so keep checking back! I have to crawl to my cabin now and do my cleaning there!



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Question of the Day

  • Do the bacteria in the water make us sick?

    Only a few of them.  Bacteria are in every habitat on Earth, growing in soil, hot springs, radioactive waste, water, as well as in organic matter and the live bodies of plants and animals. Bacteria recycle nutrients, with many steps in nutrient cycles depending on these organisms, such as nitrogen fixation.