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Dawn to Dusk : Its Friday Night !

06/04/2010, 9:36 PM by Lollie Garay

June 4

Lat/Long: 06.09N 050.53W

Air Temp: 29.10C 84.38F

Surface Temp:30.05C 86.09F

Salinity: 31.17 psu


 We’ve just completed a 48 hr station at our current location. We’ve been drifting close to the sediment traps and successfully retrieved them today! There are already tests being conducted with the particles that were collected.


Our team was up at 3:30am to sample waters from a deep cast of 3000m. By the time we finished, dawn was breaking and we were treated to another amazing sky show of lights and clouds! We even had a full rainbow .Made getting up that early worth it!


The day ended with a barbeque on the aft deck. The smells of charcoal and grilled hot dogs and shrimp were a welcome change to dinner. We even had potato salad and ice cold soft drinks! Funny how these little things mean so much when you’re out in the middle of an ocean!


We’re heading south tonight, tomorrow’s another day full of promise!



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Question of the Day

  • Do the bacteria in the water make us sick?

    Only a few of them.  Bacteria are in every habitat on Earth, growing in soil, hot springs, radioactive waste, water, as well as in organic matter and the live bodies of plants and animals. Bacteria recycle nutrients, with many steps in nutrient cycles depending on these organisms, such as nitrogen fixation.