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Life at Sea

05/27/2010, 8:57 PM by Lollie Garay
It's Been a Hard Day's Night!<br/><br/>Credit: Jason Landrum
It's Been a Hard Day's Night!
Photo Credit: Jason Landrum

Life at sea! 

So first and most importantly, the food has gotten much better since I learned that I must request ice cream. Anyway, considering this is where I’ll be living for 1/10 of the year, I think I should describe my temporary home.  The vessel is 270ft long and has 5 levels of outside decks. We have been in 8ft waves for a while now (it calmed down today though... treadmill time!), every once in a while there is a wave that sends water spraying all the way over the 4 lower decks. My room is not the Ritz. It is the only 4 person room, we had a leak in it, and apparently I am allergic to wool blankets?!? My labspace is larger than other boats I have been on, and the labwork has all been going smoothly... so nothing to report there other than everything is going as planned. I found several scientists like me, tortured by six years of Lost! We are in the process determining how to watch the season finale of Lost, so we can have our closure. We are technically in French Guiana’s waters right now, and are only 5 degrees from the equator. The Southern Cross is easier to recognize than the Big Dipper, and the stars have been awesome regardless of the full moon. Maybe I’ll see the Milky Way in 2 weeks. Internet is very reliable, and faster than my stolen internet at my apartment, so I feel at home. The gym has 2 treadmills, a bike, an elliptical, lots of weights and one of those 4-sided cable machines. I would be very happy with the gym if it wasn’t for the engine being right next to it. It is about 100% humidity down there and at least 90 degrees. Despite that, I’ve already logged 17 miles of running at sea, and probably only fell off of the treadmill 3 times (a weird experience for me, I guess there is a reason for those magnetic safety leashes). Almost forgot… they have a pool!!! 


PS- Still trying to find the elusive sunrise or sunset… working on that one.

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